Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 5 to 11 October 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Can I Obtain a Visa into Australia If I Have a Criminal Record?

An Irish national was granted a student visa into Australia despite serving three years behind bars for a violent attack causing death in his homeland.
He is now facing charges over two alleged brutal, unprovoked attacks in Sydney.

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Victorian Government Faces Court Over Lockdowns

A café owner is suing the state government on the basis that restrictions contravene the human rights of “millions of healthy citizens”.

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The Historical Offence of Homosexuality in Australia

The crime of homosexual intercourse carried a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

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The Offence of Organising a Drug Premises, and Police Powers of Entry

A couple has been charged with running a multi-million-dollar drug operation from an apartment at Rhodes in inner western Sydney.

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Veronica Baxter’s Death in Custody: A Trans Woman Neglected in a Male Prison

The Aboriginal trans woman was found hanging in a cell at the male prison she had been remanded in.

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Man Sent to Prison for Attacking Pregnant Woman

The man who assaulted a heavily pregnant woman at a Parramatta cafe has been sentenced to three years behind bars.

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The People Win: Dutton Won’t Be Removing Refugee Detainees’ Phones

“This is a small victory. It means that the power of the people is stronger than the politicians”.

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The Australian Government “Has to Get Involved”: Greg Barns SC on the Plight of Assange

“Every Australian should be concerned. It could be you. It could be any of us. And that is not an exaggeration.”

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Australia Opposes the Death Penalty, Which is Why We Fund Those Facing It

“[W]e fund Australian citizens because there are risks of miscarriage of justice… if we leave someone to be executed without assisting them”.

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Driver Allegedly Filmed Dying Police Officer After Road Accident

A Victorian driver is facing court after four police officers were run over by a truck and killed when they exited their vehicle during a traffic stop.

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We Will Stop the “Ludicrous” Narrabri Gas Project, Says Knitting Nannas’ Kathy McKenzie

Knitting Nannas have vowed to stop the destructive project, pointing out that “It’s not a good look loading little old ladies with osteoporosis into paddy wagons.”

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Ensuring Aboriginal Affordable Housing in Redfern-Waterloo: An Interview With Warren Roberts

There are calls for 10 percent of government redevelopment projects in Redfern-Waterloo to be allocated as affordable housing for Indigenous people.

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‘Lawyer X’ Likely to be Struck Off for Professional Misconduct

Proceedings have been commenced to remove criminal defence barrister Nicola Gobbo from the roll of legal practitioners over gross breaches of professional obligations.

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The Morrison Government Is Not Fit for Purpose

The past year has made it clear the Coalition is not fit to govern the nation.

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