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Mobile Phone Driving

Double-Demerit Points Apply Over King’s Birthday Long Weekend

With the New South Wales road toll rising to 158 in 2024, 26 more than for the same period last year, drivers are being urged to drive carefully this King’s Birthday long weekend and refrain from committing traffic offences, and...

Which Offences Can Be Captured By Traffic Enforcement Cameras?

By Emma Starr Traffic enforcement cameras seem to be everywhere on our roads these days, whether in the form of red light cameras, fixed or mobile speed cameras, combined red-light speed cameras, mobile phone detection cameras or bus lane cameras....

How To Get Off A Mobile Phone Offence in New South Wales

Traffic offences raise a lot of revenue for the NSW government, and it can sometimes feel helpless when you receive a fine for an alleged breach of the road rules that you didn’t commit. One of the most common infringements...

Can a Driver Face Penalties for a Passenger’s Use of a Mobile Phone?

Using a mobile phone while driving is one of the most common traffic offences in New South Wales, and indeed across the nation. The rules that apply to the conduct have been tightened in recent years, with the scope of...

Driving While Using iPads, iPods, TVs, CBs, Sat Navs and Phones in NSW: What Does the Law Say?

by &
The law can be a complex beast, and one of the most confusing are indeed inconsistent areas is traffic law in New South Wales. We recently posted an article about the fact that using Bluetooth to stream music while driving...

Can I Use My Phone’s Bluetooth or Satellite Navigation While Driving in NSW?

A young single Mum from Sydney has found out the hard way that ignorance of the road rules is not an acceptable defence, despite how obscure the rules may be. 20-year old Celina Selman was driving home after picking her...

Police Accused of Revenue Raising Over Mobile Phone Fines

In a year when we all need compassion more than anything else, police around Australia have shown very little of it. No one is suggesting they haven’t had a challenging time enforcing ever-changing pandemic-related health regulations, but New South Wales...

New Mobile Phone Cameras Rake In $7 Million In One Month

Controversial high-tech mobile phones ‘hidden’ on New South Wales roads have pulled in $7 million worth of fines in their month of operation. The cameras were introduced in December last year, and drivers were given a three-month grace period with...

Thousands of Drivers Allegedly Caught by Mobile Phone Detection Cameras

Just over a week ago, the New South Wales Government introduced new mobile phone detection cameras across the state. During that period, more than 3,000 drivers have allegedly been caught illegally using their phones while driving. Around 45 fixed and...

Penalties Increase for Illegal Mobile Phone Use

by &
In just few hours this morning, a month’s worth of rain fell across Sydney, causing traffic congestion, flooding and property damage. From 5.30am to 9.00am, more than a 100mm of rain poured over the Sydney metropolitan are, creating transport delays...
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