Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 14 to 20 January 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Renewed Calls for Wage Theft to be Criminalised

Revelations that the ABC underpaid up to 2,500 casual staff over 6 years has led to fresh calls for wage theft to be criminalised.

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Man Acquitted Due to Lack of Evidence of a Joint Criminal Enterprise

The appeal court found that the jury’s guilty verdict was unreasonable because there was insufficient evidence the defendant had entered an agreement to import the drugs in question.

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Danny Lim to Challenge NSW Police After Brutality Incident

The iconic protester is suing police after being forcefully arrested in Sydney.

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Dutton’s Child Sex Offender Register Proposal Is Political Fodder

The home affairs minister’s proposal to publish the details of child sex offenders is a desperate political stunt that will do nothing to reduce offending.

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Case Thrown Out Due to Illegal Arrest

The recent manhandling of iconic protester Danny Lim has triggered debate about the degree of force that can be legally applied when performing an arrest.

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Court Rules It’s OK to Refer to Tony Abbott as a C*#t

Police recently performed a forceful arrest upon iconic protester Danny Lim over conduct which is similar to that for which his charges were previously thrown out of court.

Here’s an article about Danny’s previous case.

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Is it an offence to resist an unlawful arrest?

The use of excessive force by police during an arrest amounts to assault under the criminal law.

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Warnings Over Potentially Deadly Party Drug

There are concerns that a rise in the use of ‘monkey dust’ could lead to significant harm or even deaths.

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High Court Justice Tells Prosecutors to Appeal Lenient Sentences

The judge suggested the Crown should more readily appeal sentences that appear to be too soft.

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Junior Lawyer Imprisoned for Multi-Million Dollar Fraud

He tricked the bank into releasing millions of dollars of client funds.

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Preventing Violence Against Women: An Interview With Girl Geek Academy’s Sarah Moran

Reducing gender inequality and promoting inclusion in male dominated areas can help address the issue of violence against women.

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Babies, Students & Migrants – New Laws for 2019

A quick rundown of some of the laws that came into effect earlier this month.

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Aboriginal Elder Strip Searched on Busy Sydney Road

Footage has emerged of an elderly Aboriginal man being strip-searched by male and female police officers in broad daylight on Sydney’s busy Glebe Point Road while in handcuffs.

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Keep Poppers Legal: An Interview With the Nitrite Group’s Paul Kidd

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has postponed its final decision on whether to criminalise the possession of amyl nitrite.

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