Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 7 to 13 January 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Politician to Charge Taxpayers for Attendance at Racist Rally

Independent MP Fraser Anning has been criticised for charging taxpayers to attend a far right-wing rally.

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Dozens of Breaches of the My Health Record Database Have Already Been Recorded

The Federal Government claims the My Health Record scheme is safe and secure, but there’s already been 42 database breaches recorded against it.

And while government agencies are playing down the breaches, privacy experts make it clear that, “… there is no way the Government would know who has accessed… data… it is untraceable and untrackable”.

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Judge Applies Outdated Principle When Sentencing for Drug Supply

The appeal court reduced the offender’s sentence after finding the judge applied a legal principle that had been overruled.

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Fascists Rallying over a Fallacy: Nazi Sentiment Seen as Acceptable by Some

The divisive St Kilda rally saw hateful demonstrators throwing up Nazi salutes while calling for the reclamation of an area that was never theirs, and an end to a sensationalised and exaggerated so-called ”epidemic” of African ’gang violence’.

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Hung Jury in NSW Supreme Court Foreign Fighter Case

The jury could not agree on whether a Kurdish-Australian man travelled to the Turkish border with the intention of engaging in armed conflict.

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Stop Imprisoning People for Unpaid Fines

Laws which lead to people being sent to prison for not paying fines are an example of how the system favours the wealthy.

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NZ to Implement Pill Testing, While Aussie MPs Bury Their Heads in the Sand

The New Zealand police minister says pill testing will be implemented in that country. Meanwhile, our politicians continue to reject the harm reduction measure.

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Police Claim to Have Disrupted Drug Importation Rings

In two separate drug busts, police have allegedly seized over 5kg of cocaine and 4000 litres of GBL.

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Sixty Nine Australian Women Killed Last Year in Domestic Attacks

While police focus on drugs and terrorism, an average of over one woman a week is killed by their current or former partner.

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Are the Sentences Imposed for Sexual Offences in NSW Too Soft?

Radio shock-jocks and tabloid newspapers often claim that those who are guilty of sexual offences in our state receive ‘soft’ sentences. Here are the facts.

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Curbing Rising Strip Searches: An Interview With the Safe And Sound Campaign’s Samantha Lee

The Redfern Legal Centre has launched a campaign to change the law relating to strip searches, with a view to curbing the overuse of the humiliating procedure by NSW police.

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Combating the NSW Nanny State: An Interview With Keep Sydney Open’s Tyson Koh

The lockout laws killed Sydney’s once vibrant nightlife, and police are now trying to shut down festivals.

But there’s a political group campaigning against the nanny state.

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Pill Testing Saves Lives, and Does Not Lead to Increased Drug Use

Research shows that providing pill testing services at festivals reduces the risk of overdoses, and does not lead to an increase in the use of illicit drugs.

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