Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 17 to 24 December 2018

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Police Officer Charged With Hacking After Leaking Address of Victim

An officer who put a domestic violence victim in danger by leaking her new address to his ‘mate’ – the woman’s abusive ex-partner – has been charged with computer hacking offences.

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Criminal Charges Tarnish Rugby League’s Reputation

Kids are quitting rugby league in droves as their role models face sexual assault and domestic violence charges.

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Time in Prison Reduced for Serious Assault Charges

The defendant’s minimum term behind bars was reduced when the appeals court found that the original non-parole period exceeded the statutory ratio.

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Accused Murderer Granted Bail

In the wake of alleged wife-killer Chris Dawson being granted bail, we look at the process and considerations for determining these applications in NSW.

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Rugby League Players Avoid Criminal Convictions for Obscene Exposure

The Magistrate in Downing Centre Local Court placed each of the players on a two-year conditional release order without recording a conviction.

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What is the Law on Offensive Language in NSW?

A US case where a driver was acquitted after blasting the song ‘F*** tha Police’ during a traffic stop has triggered debate about the scope of laws against using offensive language.

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Morrison Protects Religions, While Discrimination Against LGBTQ Students Remains Possible

The government is proposing to strengthen laws which allow people to discriminate based on their religious beliefs.

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Courts Are Becoming Sympathetic to the Cause of Medicinal Cannabis

A number of recent rulings suggest that judges are beginning to understand that good Samaritans and parents are having to take it upon themselves to reduce the suffering of patients and loved-ones.

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Grindr Scammer Sent to Prison

The defendant met an older man through the dating website Grindr and blackmailed him by pretending to be a police officer.

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Ombudsman to Investigate Youth Solitary Confinement

The Victorian Ombudsman has launched an investigation into the use of solitary confinement on children, which is prohibited under International law.

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Criminal charges to be laid over Sydney baby deaths

Five people will face criminal charges after two babies died when given nitrous oxide instead of oxygen.

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Premier’s Solution to Youth Dying at Festivals: Create More Criminal Offences

Rather than introduce harm reduction measures such as pill testing, the government has created the new offence of supplying a drug that causes death.

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‘Black Pete’ Christmas Tradition Is Dividing the Netherlands

Black Pete Christmas tradition: Racist or Acceptable?

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Psychedelic Drugs May Reduce Criminal Tendencies

A study by the University of British Columbia found that the use of psychedelics such as ‘magic mushrooms’, LSD and mescaline can reduce the likelihood of committing property and violent crimes.

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Think Twice Before Buying a Pet This Christmas, says the RSPCA

Each year, large numbers of dogs and cats are abandoned after the novelty of having a pet has worn off.

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Violent Crackdown in West Papua: An Interview With Independence Leader Benny Wenda

The Indonesian military is committing acts of aggression in occupied West Papua, including bombing a highland area and murdering civilians.

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Naughty or Nice? Top 5 Crimes in Santa Suits

Santa has given away free weed, stolen a helicopter, been arrested for public intoxication and even robbed a bank to pay his elves.

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Fighting Adani: An Interview With Wangan and Jagalingou Council’s Adrian Burragubba

Indian mining giant Adani unsuccessfully attempted to have a legal challenge by traditional owners thrown out of court. But the fight is just beginning.

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Christmas Gone Wrong

Mixing alcohol with financial stress and unreasonable expectations can turn what’s meant to be a happy time into a regrettable one.

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Supporting those in need this Christmas

Many charities go out of their way to help the lonely and less fortunate at Christmas time.

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The Santa Claus Slayer: You Better Watch Out!

A very bad Santa.

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Kids to Spend Christmas in Hotel Rooms with Strangers

Not all kids will spend Christmas with their families.

Many will be with strangers in hotel rooms under the care of FACS.

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What Happens in Prison on Christmas Day?

A glimpse into what it’s like in prison on Christmas Day.

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