Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 15 to 21 April 2024

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Albanese Is Turning Australia into a Nuclear Waste Dump: Interview with Senator Shoebridge

A proposed law could lead to the US and UK using our nation as a dumping ground for radioactive waste.

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NSW District Court Cannot Hear Appeals Limited to Local Court’s Refusal to Order Costs

The District Court found it had no jurisdiction to hear appeals that relate solely to the Local Court’s refusal to order costs.

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A15 Sydney Targets Weapons Supplier Thales, as Governments Continue to Support Israel’s Genocide

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators across the globe are calling for an end to trade with weapons manufacturers who are profiting from genocide.

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The Pro-Palestine Gadigal-Sydney Ceasefire March Is 27 Weeks Strong: In Photos

Despite being into its 27th week, the pro-Palestinian protest march in Sydney is as strong as ever.

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The Brittany Higgins Saga: Bruce Lehrmann Fails to Clear His Name in Defamation Trial

The civil court judge found it was more likely than not Mr Lehrmann sexually assaulted Ms Higgins.

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How Do Mobile Speed Cameras Work in New South Wales?

The number of mobile speed camera sites across the state will soon double.

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NSW Should Extend Voting Rights to All Inmates to Better Serve the Community

There are calls to repeal a ban on prison inmates voting in elections, as their participation can help in the rehabilitation process and thereby benefit broader society.

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Sydney Knife Attacks: A Tale of Two Terrorisms

The 16 year old who allegedly stabbed but did not kill a bishop will face the same maximum penalty as the man who murdered multiple females, had the latter survived.

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Sydney Stabbings Highlight Need for Mental Health Reform, Not Tough-on-Crime Laws

The NSW government has responded to the recent stabbings by foreshadowing tougher knife laws, rather than focusing on desperately-needed mental health initiatives.

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The Terrorism Designation Is Going to Haunt Us All, as Is Another Recent Wrong Call

The 16-year old who stabbed a priest has been designated as a terrorist, while the man who left a bomb and a threat on the bonnet of a pro-Palestinian protester’s car has not.

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Government Vaping Prohibitions Are Making Cigarettes the Easier Alternative

“The fact is they are vastly safer than smoking, and what I am here to say is, we need to stop this black market”.

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