Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 15 to 21 July 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Police Press Charges Over Parking Spot Punch-up

Two men are facing charges for allegedly assaulting and injuring a driver during an argument over a parking space.

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AFP Admits Accessing Metadata of Australians 20,000 Times in a Year

The laws were meant to protect against terrorists, but are actually being used to target those who are critical of the government.

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New Laws for Rehoming Pets in New South Wales

There are concerns new rules for selling and giving away dogs and cats will lead to more being abandoned.

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Cybercrime and computer offences in NSW

Online bullying, harassment and identity theft has caused irreparable harm to many, even leading young people to suicide.

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Extinction Rebellion Activist Imprisoned Over Non-Custodial Offence

Protester Eric Herbert was arrested, fined and imprisoned for standing up for his beliefs.

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NSW Police Are Using Strip Searches to Intimidate

The coronial inquest heard that police threatened to make a strip-search “nice and slow” unless the woman confessed to possessing drugs, when she had none.

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What are the Penalties for Tax Fraud in Australia?

A Christian family who refused to pay tax because it is ‘against God’s will’ has been ordered to pay over $2.3 million in back taxes, administrative costs and interest.

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Legalise Drugs to Reduce Violent Crime: An Interview With LEAP’s Greg Denham

A former police senior sergeant explains why he is calling for the legalisation of all illicit drugs.

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Elderly Man Charged with Committing a Sexual Act During a Ferry Ride

A 70-year old man will face court over allegations that he committed a sexual act while travelling on a Sydney ferry.

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NSW Government Risks More Lives by Rejecting Harm Reduction

As another music festival kicks off, our premier continues her hardline stance against measures that have proven to save lives.

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Pill Testing Saves Lives, Heavy Policing Takes Them

The NSW coronial inquest into festival deaths has raised concerns that heavy policing is leading to dangerous drug-taking behaviour such as ‘pre-loading’ and ‘loading up’.

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Recognition Is a Diversion From Treaty: An Interview With Lidia Thorpe

Many First Nations people assert that the way forward is a treaty, not just constitutional recognition.

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It’s Time to End Morrison’s Religious Privilege Crusade

The federal government is broadening laws which allow discrimination against LGBTIQ people.

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