Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 8 to 14 July 2019

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers

In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Google in Hot Water for Failing to Remove Defamatory Reviews

Google Australia is facing contempt of court charges for failing to delete defamatory reviews in a timely manner.

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Prosecution Must Serve All Relevant Evidence on Defence

The NSW Supreme Court has ordered police to serve the criminal records of prosecution witnesses on the defence, despite police objecting.

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Sydney Criminal Lawyer Charged With Assisting Extreme-Risk Inmate Run Drugs

A Sydney criminal defence lawyer has been charged with drug supply over his alleged involvement in a criminal syndicate run from prison.

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Indigenous Deaths In Custody – Will We Ever See Real Change?

An inquest has found that a police failures led to the death of an Aboriginal woman in custody.

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Federal Government’s Rights-Erasing Law Bonanza

As the government boasts about tax cuts, it has quietly introduced a suite of laws which further remove the freedoms and legal safeguards of everyday Australians.

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The Offence of Armed Robbery in NSW

The story of notorious offender Ian ‘The Rabbit’ Steele, who was sentenced for 30 armed robberies and escaping from custody six times.

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UN to Inspect Australian Prisons

United Nations inspectors will assess the state of Australian prisons, youth and immigration detention centres, mental health and aged care facilities, and police cells.

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Police Are Failing to Act on Sexual Assault Complaints, Report Finds

A report by the Crime and Corruption Commission has found that police officers are “failing to respond to duty”.

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“Legalise and License the Supply of Drugs”: An Interview With Chris Daw QC

The harms associated with prohibition “would largely disappear if drugs were legalised and supplied to users at a sensible cost”.

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Decriminalise Queensland Sex Work: An Interview With Respect’s Janelle Fawkes

30 years after the Fitzgerald Inquiry, the policing of sex work in Queensland is more intense than ever.

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Zapatista Indigenous Autonomous Zones Threatened by Militarisation

The Mexican government’s increased militarisation has raised fears of a massacre of Indigenous peoples.

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West Papuans Have United to Reclaim Their Nation

With a “unified military and political” leadership, West Papuans may at last be in a position to free themselves from Indonesia’s repressive occupation.

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