Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 24 to 30 June 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Peter Dutton’s Demonisation of Rape Victims is “An Absolute Disgrace”

Dutton’s unsubstantiated claim that sexual assault victims on Nauru were “trying it on” by seeking abortions in Australia has been labelled “an absolute disgrace”.

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The Offence of Common Assault in NSW: Section 61 of the Crimes Act 1900

A former German soccer international has faced court over charges of assaulting his girlfriend.

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Family Court Fails Vulnerable Children

A review of the family court system has found it has failed many of the children it’s meant to protect.

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The Offence of Mid-Range Drink Driving in New South Wales

An Australian Rugby International has been fined and disqualified for mid-range drink driving.

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Carjacking: An Offence Against People and Property

The offence of carjacking was enacted after technology made it more difficult to steal unoccupied vehicles.

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Australia Talks Tough on Khashoggi Killing

Our foreign minister has labelled the alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi “outrageous” and says Australia will consider taking action against Saudi Arabia.

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ABC Launches Legal Challenge Against AFP Raids

The ABC asserts that the raids breach our Constitution’s implied right of political communication.

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Against Animal Atrocities: An Interview With Animal Justice Party MLC Emma Hurst

While the government fast-tracks laws which criminalise animal activists, many have vowed to continue fighting.

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Forced Organ Removals in China Continue Unabated, Tribunal Finds

An independent tribunal has found that China is continuing the widespread practise of forcibly removing the organs of prisoners of conscience.

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Punishment Disguised as Safety: The Injustice of Drug Driving Laws

An ardent critic of drug driving laws has found himself on the wrong side of them.

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A Creeping Surveillance State: An Interview With the Human Rights Law Centre’s Emily Howie

The human rights lawyer explains how dangerous it is to criticise the government, even if the information is in the public interest.

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Owners of Social Media Pages Are Liable for Comments Posted by Others, NSW Supreme Court Finds

“It defies belief that [administrators] are held responsible for comments made by other people on social media pages.”

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Media Bosses Demand Protections for Journalists and Whistleblowers

The recent raids have prompted the mainstream media to pressure the government for change.

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Police Are Routinely Breaching Strip-Search Laws, As Well As Their Own Protocols

An internal investigation has found that officers are regularly breaching police protocols when it comes to strip searches.

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Woman Ordered to Pay $530,000 for “Plainly Untrue” Google Review

A false Google review has cost a Sydney woman $530,000 plus legal costs.

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Folau, Morrison and the Christian Right to Discriminate

The controversy surrounding Israel Folau exemplifies the tension between free and hate speech, and the religious ‘right’ to discriminate versus protection from being discriminated against.

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