Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 31 August to 6 September 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Victorian Government Backtracks on ‘Gagging’ Sexual Assault Complainants

The state’s government intends to repeal recently enacted laws which prohibit complainants in sexual assault cases from using their real names, even after conviction.

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With Tripartisan Approval, Drug Decriminalisation Looks Likely for Canberra

The MP who championed cannabis legalisation in the ACT has set his sights on decriminalising all illicit substances.

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The Right to Competent Legal Representation Is Fundamental, Court Finds

The court found it was “unreasonable or plainly unjust” for a judge to force a solicitor to run a trial without the assistance of a barrister.

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NSW Police Shut Down Sydney Uni Protest Again: An Interview With the SRC’s Jack Mansell

Police were out in force to shut down a peaceful and socially distanced protest at Sydney university.

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Harsh COVID Rules Frustrate Victorian Residents and Businesses

A woman was fined $1652 for travelling more than 5kms from her home to buy coffee.

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Adani Sets Its Legal “Attack Dog” on Civilian Activist

The India-led, multi-national conglomerate has once again filed legal proceedings to silence a concerned citizen.

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Police Arrest Pregnant Woman Over Social Media Post

Police entered the pregnant woman’s home, placed her in handcuffs, arrested and charged her with incitement over a social media post encouraging a peaceful protest.

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Another Data Breach Raises Concerns About the Safety of Personal Information

NSW Transport is yet to inform over 50,000 driver licence holders that their personal data was left easily accessible on an open Amazon cloud.

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Police Officer Who Endangered Domestic Violence Victim Wins Appeal

The officer who illegally accessed a police database and leaked the new address of a domestic violence victim to his ‘mate’ – the woman’s abusive ex-partner – has had his conviction quashed and replaced with a non-conviction order.

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Challenging WA’s Solitary Confinement Regime: An Interview With Dr Hannah McGlade

Western Australia has revoked its inhumane solitary confinement regime after civil action was commenced claiming it amounted to torture.

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Quit the Bullshit and Tell the Truth News Corp, Demands Extinction Rebellion

“We are… demanding that News Corp quits the bullshit and tells the truth”.

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Failure to Press Criminal Charges over Tanya Day’s Custody Death Reflects Wider Injustice for First Nations

Victoria Police have decided not to bring criminal charges over Tanya Day’s death in custody.

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Charged with Drug Driving? Have a Cannabis Prescription? Speak to Former Magistrate David Heilpern

Former Magistrate and drug driving law reformer David Heilpern wants to speak to people charged with drug driving whilst holding a lawful medicinal cannabis prescription.

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“Free People Into the Community”: Debbie Kilroy on the Queensland COVID Prison Crisis

Inmates have started rioting, after prison guards once again tested positive for COVID-19.

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