Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 8 to 14 February 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

When Does Conduct Relating to Prostitution Become a Crime?

Police allege the defendants forced young women into sexual servitude, drugged and tattooed them with marks of ownership.

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What Would Jesus Have Thought About Morrison Government Policy?

Christianity teaches “loving kindness, justice and righteousness”, but our current politicians profess their faith while practising quite the opposite.

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NSW Magistrates and Judges Need to Rebuild Public Trust, Chief Justice Bathurst asserts

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst has called on the judiciary to rebuild public trust through greater transparency, sensitivity, courtesy and quality.

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NSW Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Colleague

The incident raises questions about whether police officers are adequately trained in the use of firearms.

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Post-Coup Myanmar Mobilises for Democracy. But There’s no Respite for the Rohingya

The Myanmar military has retaken control of the nation, but the Rohingya continue to be persecuted.

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An Australian First: Prison Officer Charged With Manslaughter Over Aboriginal Custodial Death

A NSW prison guard has been charged with manslaughter over the shooting death of a 43-year-old Wiradjuri man.

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Vote to Legalise Cannabis in the WA Election: An Interview With LCWA’s Leo Treasure

The Legal Cannabis WA Party aims to gain enough seats to put pressure on the major parties to legalise cannabis in the state.

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The Offence of Intimidating a Police Officer in New South Wales

An NRL player has been sentenced for telling police, “I’ll f**king jab ya, on my mother’s life I will”.

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Operating a Financial Services Business Without a Licence in Australia

There are suspicions that financial adviser Melissa Caddick may have faked her own disappearance to avoid responsibility for defrauding investors.

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The Racialised Violence of Settler Colonialism: An Interview With Deathscapes’ Joseph Pugliese

Deathscapes traces settler colonial violence towards Indigenous peoples in Australia, the US and Canada.

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Should Police Publicly Name Persons Who Are Suspected of Criminal Offences?

Publicly naming persons of interest, suspects and defendants has destroyed many innocent lives.

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Future Generations Will Condemn the Drug War: Reform Is Urgent and Inevitable

“The time has come when the abject failure of global drug prohibition can no longer be denied.”

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David Shoebridge Runs for Federal Parliament on Platform of Social Justice

“[W]hether it’s tackling climate change, building a fairer society, protecting nature or delivering First Nations justice. I want to do that work, with you, in the federal parliament”.

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The Fear of Terrorism Does Not Justify the Wholesale Removal of Citizens’ Rights

Governments have been removing basic freedoms and legal safeguards under the guise of protecting against terrorism.

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