Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 15 to 21 February 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Peter Dutton Accused of Pork Barrelling

The Home Affairs Ministers is accused of allocating millions in grants funds for political gain, rather than on the basis of need.

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A Rundown of the NSW Ministerial Code of Conduct

The Code sets out rules that government ministers are required to follow, but politicians don’t always follow the rules.

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Chief Magistrate Slams NSW Government Over Inadequate Funding

The Chief Magistrate is calling for sufficient funding to enable the court to effectively deal with the 350,000 criminal cases it hears every year.

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NSW Police Officers Caught on Camera Assaulting 12-Year-Old Boy

A member of the public filmed the armed, undercover male officer assaulting the crying boy.

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Attempted Murder of Refugee on Nauru Highlights the Failure of Government Policy

There are renewed calls to end offshore detention after a refugee on Nauru was rundown by locals.

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New South Wales to Again Consider Voluntary Assisted-Dying Legislation

The laws would give those suffering from terminal illnesses the choice to have their lives ended.

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AIVL’s Melanie Walker on Coming Drug Decriminalisation and Treatment Access

The organisation is working to advance the health and rights of those who use drugs, while at the same time campaigning for decriminalisation.

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Alleged Sexual Assault in Parliament: How Do You Rate the PM’s Handling of the Matter?

Mr Morrison’s apology to the former staffer has been described as ‘too little, too late’, with some questioning the prime minister’s sincerity and even honesty.

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The Privatising Public Housing Con: An Interview With UNSW City Future’s Dr Alistair Sisson

The NSW government is selling blocks of public housing to private developers.

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NSW Police Officer Acquitted of Assault Charges After District Court Appeal

An officer convicted of assault after a Local Court hearing has had the charges quashed on appeal.

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Prison Guards Alleged to Have Kept ‘Trophies’ of Aboriginal Deaths In Custody

The inquiry heard that prison guards had been taking souvenirs from Aboriginals after their deaths in custody.

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Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court to Merge

There are concerns the abolition of the specialist Family Court will adversely impact on the most vulnerable.

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Victoria Decriminalises Public Drunkenness

The decision comes three years after Tanya Day died in custody following her arrest for public drunkenness.

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The Homeless were Housed in Hotels for COVID, But Are Back on the Streets as Governments Sell-Off Public Housing

Tens of thousands were placed in hotels for COVID, but most are back on the streets due to the “grossly inadequate availability of social housing”.

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