Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 21 to 27 January 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Woman Imprisoned for False Sexual Assault Allegations

The false accusation of rape resulted in the woman’s former partner spending months behind bars and nearly taking his own life.

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The Offence of Threatening to Distribute Intimate Images in NSW

An NRL player has denied threatening to publish lewd images of a former teammate.

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Financial Gain is not an Aggravating Factor in Drug Supply Cases

A man convicted of large commercial drug supply had his sentence reduced when the appeal court found that funds received cannot amount to an aggravating factor.

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Man Pleads Guilty After Posing as Police to Get Maccas Discount

A prison guard has pleaded guilty to fraud after pretending to be a police officer to receive a $10 discount on a Big Mac and 24 McNuggets.

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Politician’s Office Will Not Be Prosecuted

No charges will be brought over illegal leaks from Liberal Party Senator Michaelia Cash’s office to the media.

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Just Test the Damn Pills: Sydney Rallies in Support of Harm Reduction

Despite a spate of recent deaths at Australian music festivals and the positive results of pill testing initiatives in a number of countries, our premier continues to refuse to even consider the harm reduction measure.

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Immigration Detainees on Hunger Strike Over Brutality and Deplorable Conditions

Immigration centre detainees in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne have joined over 350 in Perth who are in their tenth day of a hunger strike over brutality, arbitrary punishment and deplorable conditions.

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Five First Nations Girls Commit Suicide in Just Nine Days

A spate of girls taking their own lives has drawn attention to the ongoing First Nations youth suicide crisis.

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NSW Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Sharing Arrested Woman’s Intimate Images

He arrested the woman over a traffic incident, conveyed her to the police station, used investigative software to access and download private images which depicted the woman’s genitals, then uploaded the images to a closed Facebook group comprising four other serving police officers.

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Defence Chief Calls for Greater Government Control of the Internet

The head of the Australian Defence Force claims the threat of cyber-espionage warrants greater government regulation of the internet.

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Prison for Police Officer who Groomed Vulnerable Teen

A Victorian police officer who groomed a troubled foster child for sexual activity has been sentenced to imprisonment.

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Doctor Reports Being Assaulted by Police While Trying to Help Injured Man

The brain injury specialist made a complaint to police internal affairs after officers allegedly assaulted her as she tried to help an injured man, then deleted her footage.

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Peter Dutton Tops Hard-Right Hitlist

GetUp is lobbying against politicians which it says “have championed Adani, trashed renewables, left refugees in limbo, viciously attacked people doing it tough, and defunded our ABC”.

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Youths Demand Pill Testing to Stop Deaths: An Interview With SSDP’s Sofia Devetak

Students for Sensible Drug Policy recently launched Be Heard Not Harmed, the first youth-led campaign for pill testing – an issue which primarily affects young people.

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