Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 29 July to 4 August 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Justified or a Step Too Far? Sydney Council Bans Smoking in Public

North Sydney Council has banned smoking in public places.

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The Crime of Inciting Hatred in Australia

A white-supremacist has lost his appeal against a conviction for inciting hatred against people of the Islamic faith.

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The Offence of Graffiti in New South Wales

A mural of a satanic figure behind a handcuffed George Pell has been removed.

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The Defence of Mental Illness in New South Wales

A father has been found not guilty by reason of mental illness after stabbing his 5-year old son to death.

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Desperate and Hungry: Struggling to Survive on Newstart

“A roof over every head, a meal on every table. Government must raise the rate.”

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The Crime of Larceny in New South Wales

It has been reported that an average of over 20 petrol ‘drive-offs’ are committed in Sydney every day.

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NSW May Finally Repeal the Crime of Abortion

Our state may finally repeal outdated criminal laws against having an abortion.

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Preaching “Just Say No” Endangers Lives: Informed Decision-Making Protects Them

Heavy policing and the government’s continued ‘zero tolerance’ approached to drugs is leading to the loss of young lives.

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“It Is Now Time for Civil Disobedience”: How the Rebellion Plans to Bring About Change

Extinction Rebellion is taking to the streets to raise awareness about environmental destruction and bring about real change.

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What are the Consequences of Having a Criminal Record in Australia?

The impact of a criminal record can last well beyond a person has served their sentence.

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Government Is Likely Tracking Young Activists: An Interview With Dr Stanley Shanapinda

A La Trobe University research fellow believes the government is using meta data laws to track environmental activists.

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Calls to End Laws that Discriminate Against LGBTIQ Teachers

There are calls to abolish laws that allow schools to dismiss teachers due to their sexuality.

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Encroachments Upon the Right to Protest: An Interview With RAC’s Dr Nicholas Riemer

NSW police are continuing their crackdown on protests.

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NSW Police Partially Strip Search 13-Year-Old Boy in Public

Footage has emerged of a 13-year old being strip-searched in public.

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