Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 22 to 28 July 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Unlawfully Possessing or Using Identification Information in New South Wales

A woman charged with using the identities of real people to facilitate a multi-million dollar fraud has died after being hit by a bus.

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‘Gender Neutral’ Language – Progress or a Step Too Far?

A council is adopting dozens of gender-neutral terms, replacing ‘manhole’ with ‘maintenance hole’ and ‘manpower’ with ‘human effort’.

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The Crime of Break, Enter and Steal in NSW

Breaking, entering and committing a serious indictable offence is a frequently prosecuted crime in the NSW courts.

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Baxter Youth Detainee Riot Reveals Failures in Juvenile Justice System

The recent riot at Baxter Juvenile Detention Centre exposes deep-seated problems in our state’s juvenile justice system.

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Van Carrying $200 Million in Illegal Drugs Crashes Into Parked Police Cars

“This would be one of the easiest drugs busts that NSW Police has every made”.

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Lawyers Turn Their Backs on Legal Aid

Many of the best criminal defence lawyers in New South Wales are refusing to accept legal aid cases because the rates are not financially viable.

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Record Drug Busts at Music Festival – Is This How We Measure Success?

Police are gloating about seizing a ‘record amount’ of drugs and making a record number of arrests at the recent Spendour in the Grass music festival.

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Preventing Evictions: An Interview With The First Nations Homelessness Project’s Jennifer Kaeshagen

The project assists First Nations people at risk of being evicted or having a child removed.

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Dutton Argues Against Calls for Drug Decriminalisation

The home affairs minister’s submission to the NSW drug inquiry uses the same old, disproven rhetoric that decriminalisation leads to increased use and harm.

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Truth-Telling Before Treaty-Making: An Interview With Ken Canning

Murri activist Ken Canning believes the government has swung so far to the right that entering into a treaty with it would be counterproductive.

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NSW Government Criminalises Animal Rights Activism

The Berejiklian government has joined the commonwealth in passing laws that criminalise animal rights activists, describing them as “domestic terrorists” and “vegan vigilantes”.

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Sydney Teacher Accused of Sexual Offences Against a Student

A senior biology teacher at an exclusive Sydney school is facing 11 charges of having sexual intercourse with a student.

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Tax Office Attacks Client Legal Privilege

The ATO is pushing for further exceptions to laws which prevent lawyers from disclosing information about their clients.

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Australia’s Future Is Nationwide Facial Recognition Surveillance

The federal government plans to roll out nationwide CCTV facial recognition technology, despite its proven flaws.

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The Offence of Obtaining a Benefit by Deception

A former senior executive of Channel 7 has been granted bail after being charged with misappropriating $8 million over 14 years.

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