Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 8 to 14 August 2022

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Defendant’s Perception Is Crucial When Assessing Manslaughter Based on Excessive Self-Defence

The appeal court reduced the defendant’s sentence because the initial judge failed to sufficiently consider his state of mind.

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What is a Parliamentary Inquiry in New South Wales?

Former deputy premier John Barilaro has appeared before a parliamentary inquiry into his controversial appointment as trade commissioner to the US.

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Apartheid Israel Can Now Revoke Palestinians’ Citizenship

The Israeli Supreme Court ruled it legal to revoke the citizenship of ‘disloyal’ Palestinians, regardless of whether it renders them stateless.

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Voice to Parliament May Threaten First Nations Sovereignty, Warns Thorpe

The focus on enshrining an Indigenous voice in the constitution may be diverting attention away from more important issues.

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What is ‘Corrupt Conduct’ in New South Wales?

MP John Sidoti has been suspended from parliament and may be charged with crimes after the ICAC found he engaged in corrupt conduct.

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Calls to Ban Greyhound Racing Continue: An Interview With CPG’s Fiona Chisholm

Six year’s after the NSW government reversed its ban on greyhound racing, systemic animal abuse continues to be rife in the industry.

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Suicide-Related Criminal Offences in Australia

While it is no longer a crime to attempt suicide, it is an offence to counsel, incite, instruct, aid or abet suicide, or publish suicide-related material.

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Former US President Could Face Criminal Charges

The FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, in a move that could lead to criminal charges being brought against him.

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Corrective Services Officers Strike Over Upgrading of Charges Against Colleague

5,000 officers are on strike due to a charge of murder being brought over the shooting death of an Indigenous inmate.

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Stop the Waste-to-Energy Incinerators, Demands Western Sydney Direct Action’s Melinda Wilson

There is fierce opposition to proposals for an incinerator which would emit pollutants by burning 500,000 tonnes of waste every year.

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Government Will Keep its Crimes a Secret, While Continuing to Prosecute Whistleblowers

The Attorney General has made clear the details of Australia’s illegal bugging of the Timor-Leste cabinet will not be released, and that those who expose the truth will be prosecuted.

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First Nations Prison Rate Climbs, Despite Pandemic Drop in Overall Inmate Numbers

The number of Indigenous prison inmates continues to rise despite a fall in overall inmate numbers.

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Mounting Corruption Likely the End for the NSW Coalition Government

Multiple corruption scandals and persistent infighting could see the state Coalition voted out of office.

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