Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 7 to 13 June 2021

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Can Police In NSW Search Through Your Phone Without a Warrant?

The rules when it comes to police seizing and searching through mobile phones without a warrant.

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The NSW Police State Laws Paving the Way for One Nation Measures

The public’s apathy towards rights-eroding laws has emboldened the NSW Coalition to become increasingly brazen in furthering its agenda.

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Latham’s Anti-Trans Kids Laws Signal a Decline in the Christian Right

“It is time that some politicians and some religious leaders stop abusing religion to hurt people for their own interests”.

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Sydney Police Officer and Catholic Priest Charged with Child Abuse Material Offences

The officer has been suspended on full pay while the priest has been asked to step down.

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NSW’s Longest Serving Chief Magistrate Set to Retire

The Chief Magistrate of New South Wales, Judge Graeme Henson AM, is set to retire after 33 years of service.

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Police Accused of Covering-Up Incident Involving Deputy Police Commissioner

The NSW Police Force has censored details of an ‘assault type’ incident involving the deputy police commissioner and ambulance officers.

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Drop the Whistleblower Prosecutions: An Interview With AAPP’s Kathryn Kelly

Australians demand that the government drop criminal proceedings against truthtellers Bernard Collaery, Witness K and David McBride.

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Disrupting Weapons Suppliers: An Interview With Make West Papua Safe’s Jason MacLeod

Activists are campaigning to stop the sale of weapons to those who kill West Papuans.

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The Twisted Affairs of the Australian Soldier Accused of War Crimes in Afghanistan

The judge is concerned the former soldier obtained a ‘crucial affidavit’ from his lawyer without disclosing they were in an intimate relationship.

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Stop-the-Boats Morrison Continues to Brutalise Sick Australian-Born Infant

A 3-year-old Australian-born girl detained offshore for over 2 years has been sent to hospital in a serious condition.

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What is a Conditional Release Order in New South Wales?

A CRO can result in avoiding a criminal conviction altogether.

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Government to Pay $1.8 Billion Over Illegal Robodebt Extortion Scheme

The judge made clear that “the financial hardship, anxiety and distress, including suicidal ideation and in some cases suicide… [through being] wrongly branded ‘welfare cheats’… [was] shameful”.

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PM’s Continuing ‘War on Drugs’ Rhetoric Ignores That There’s a Better Way

The PM’s claim that rejecting illicit drug use would reduce “human misery” here and in other “parts of the world” ignores the fact that legalisation has proven to have far greater benefits.

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Federal Government Continues ‘Publicly Funded Torture’ of Biloela Family

The new home affairs minister has ruled out bringing the family back to Australia.

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Extinction Rebellion Shuts Down Nation’s Largest Port, With Union Approval

The government is “looking after their political donors… [by] paying billions of dollars of taxpayers money propping up fossil fuel companies”.

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Dungays Take NSW Government to the United Nations, Backed by Legal Heavyweights

The family of an Indigenous man who died in custody is taking the case to the UN, after authorities refused to press criminal charges.

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