Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 30 December 2019 to 5 January 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

NSW Government Silences Police Watchdog

The Berejiklian government has announced that the chief commissioner of the LECC will be stood down, mid-way through his investigation into police strip-searches.

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Fraser Anning’s Reaction to Being Egged: Assault or Self-Defence?

We’re counting down our ten most engaging blogs of 2019.

Number 2:

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How Do You Rate Morrison’s Performance in 2019?

Scott Morrison’s leadership has been signified by a deteriorating economy, an alarming curtailment in personal freedoms and inaction on a range of important issues – but churches are better funded and people of faith are allowed to discriminate.

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Century-Old Anti-War Warning About the 1 Percent Still Rings True Today

Former US military leader Smedley Butler’s career taught him that war is a profit-generating racket for the wealthy.

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Aussies Launch Petition to Oust Morrison

We’re Counting Down Our 10 Most Engaging Blogs of 2019.

Our Most Engaging Blog of the Year Is:

Aussies Launch Petition to Oust Morrison.

From all of us at SCL, wishing you a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2020!

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Court Reduces Sentence for Customs Officer Turned Tobacco Smuggler

Tobacco is so heavily taxed that some will risk severe penalties to import it.

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Lockout Laws to be Relaxed in Sydney

This month will see many of the rules relaxed in the Sydney CBD.

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Calls for States to Take Action on Climate Change

As our PM continues to ignore the impact of climate change, many are calling on state, territory and local governments to take action.

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“You Have a Right to Know”: An Interview With Witness J

An interview with the former intelligence officer known as ‘Witness J’, who was tried and imprisoned in secret.

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Liberal Party Members Keep Their Seats, Despite Misleading Voters

The Federal Court has allowed liberal party members to keep their seats despite finding they used misleading electoral signage to get votes.

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Your PM Is an Arsonist: An Interview With Climate Expert Dr Saleemul Huq

One of the world’s foremost experts in climate policy asserts, “your prime minister. He’s a criminal.”

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The Government Continues the Slow Torture of Refugees, In Our Name

Refugees continue be detained in offshore camps, seven years after escaping persecution.

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Is It a Crime to Import Cigarettes into Australia?

The price of cigarettes is astronomical in Australia, which may tempt travellers to bring a few extra packets in their luggage.

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The Law, Defences and Penalties for Making a False Accusation in NSW

A 19-year old woman faces prison after being convicted of falsely claiming gang-rape.

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The Law, Penalties and Defence for Sexual Touching in New South Wales

A 41-year old man is accused of sexually touching an 18-year old door-to-door saleswoman while feeding her yoghurt.

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Australians Are Screaming for Real Leaders

The conduct of our leaders during the current bushfire crisis makes clear they are more interested in themselves than the plight of the people.

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