Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 8 to 14 April 2019

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

Should University Cheats Face Prison Time?

The education minister has proposed criminalising students who submit essays and assignments written by others, and the businesses that provide these services.

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From Decriminalising to Legalising Cannabis: An Interview With Ex-ACT Health Minister Michael Moore

The man behind the push to legalise cannabis in the nation’s capital explains the many benefits of the move.

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Can Farting in the Workplace Amount to Bullying?

The alleged victim of a serial workplace farter has vowed to take his case to the High Court.

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NSW Police Conduct Another Illegal Roadside Strip Search

Yet another video has emerged of NSW police officers breaking laws relating to strip-searches.

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Shortage of Criminal Lawyers in Remote Courts

Budget cuts have led to kids as young as 11 being left to represent themselves when faced with serious criminal charges.

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Bum-Pinching Isn’t Indecent by Today’s Standards

The court found that “… in an era of ‘twerking’… and grinding, simulated sex and easy access to pornography”, a police officer’s act of pinching a woman on the behind is not indecent.

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‘Stealing’ Property You’re Owed Is Not A Crime: The Claim of Right Defence

A person can be found not guilty of an offence involving larceny if they genuinely believed they were legally entitled to the property.

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Geoffrey Rush Smashes Telegraph “Out of the Park” in Defamation Lawsuit

The owners of The Daily Telegraph have been ordered to pay in the vicinity of $1.8 million in damages over the tabloid’s “absolutely staggering” approach to publishing unproven allegations of sexual misconduct.

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High Court Rules that Abortion Safe-Zones are Constitutional

Two anti-abortion activists have lost their bid to protest near abortion clinics.

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Raise the Rate: An Interview With the Australian Unemployed Workers Union’s Jeremy Poxon

There are calls to raise the Newstart allowance, which currently sits well below the poverty line.

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PM Promises Prison for Animal Rights Activists

Proposed new laws will see animal rights activists face 12 months in prison for disclosing information about farmers who allegedly engage in animal cruelty.

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Julian Assange Faces Lengthy Legal Battle

The WikiLeaks founder faces an uncertain future after being found guilty of breaching bail.

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Berejiklian’s Moves Quickly to Consolidate Power and Silence Dissent

The Premier has moved swiftly to consolidate her power and silence opposing voices by scrapping the Office of the Environment and Heritage and Local Government, and merging FACS with Justice.

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Police Admit Destroying Vital Evidence in Serious Criminal Cases

A woman who was allegedly gang raped has been left without access to justice after Queensland police destroyed crucial evidence.

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Christchurch Terrorist Attack: Perpetrated by a ‘Law-Abiding Firearm Owner’

The powerful pro-gun lobby goes to great lengths to silence those who publicise the fact that lawful firearm owners have been responsible for some of history’s most horrendous crimes, including the recent Christchurch massacre.

They argue for less gun control. But the fact is tighter gun laws reduce the likelihood of mass killings.

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Protecting the Sacred: An Interview With the Djab Wurrung Embassy’s Zellanach Djab Mara

The Djab Wurrung people have established a tent embassy to halt construction of a four lane highway through a sacred site.

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