Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from 18 to 24 May 2020

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In case you’ve missed any of them, here’s a rundown of the past week’s articles:

The Use of ‘Ice’ and the Criminal Justice System

There are circumstances where drug addiction can be taken into account when determining the appropriate sentence.

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From the NSW Supreme Court Vault: Detective Not Guilty of Slandering Marriage Matchmaker

The officer was found not guilty despite allegedly suggesting that a matchmaker was involved in defrauding a lonely middle-age man.

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Police Commissioner Gets 15% Pay Rise Despite COVID and the Erosion of Public Confidence in the Force

Mr Fuller has received an $87,000 pay rise despite a sharp rise in illegal strip searches, reports of brutality and formal complaints during his tenure.

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Robodebt Class Action is Coming

The Federal Government may have to repay millions of dollars to those who were illegally issued with debt notices.

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Welcome to Country: Lidia Thorpe on the Mantra Refugees

Sixty chronically ill asylum seekers who were flown from Manus Island to Australia after years in detention have been dumped into a hotel and denied medical treatment.

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Government Proposes to Ban Mobiles Phones from Detention Centres

The new laws will make it harder for asylum seekers to make the government accountable for human rights abuses, and to contact their lawyers and families.

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Police Watchdog Finds that Illegal Strip Searches Did Not Amount to ‘Serious Misconduct’

The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission excused officers who conducted humiliating strip searches which were clearly against the law.

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Keep the Rate Raised: An Interview With ACOSS’ Charmaine Crowe

There are calls for the COVID-19 increases in unemployment benefits to be made permanent.

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Sports Rorts Scandal: Emails Suggest Morrison Lied About Involvement

Emails have surfaced which suggest the PM lied when he claimed not to be involved in the allocation of funds to ‘targeted’ seats in the lead-up to the federal election.

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Officer Who Punched Teen in the Head Cleared of Misconduct

An internal review has cleared a police officer who punched a 15-year old female in the head of misconduct.

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Half of Child Detainees Are First Nations: An Interview With Change the Record’s Sophie Trevitt

“Discriminatory laws and policies… have resulted in the overrepresentation of First Nations people and children within prisons and youth detention centres.”

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Victorian Government Wants COVID-19 Powers to be Permanently Expanded

The Victorian government is pushing for COVID-19 ‘emergency’ powers to be expanded and made permanent.

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COVID-19 Policing: Confusion, Wannabes and Authoritarian Creep

As officers in NSW fine people who are complying with the law, Victoria has announced it will be considering making the COVID-19 ‘emergency’ powers permanent.

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Teen Fined $1,000 for Not Breaking the Law

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller defended officers who issued COVID-19 fines to those who had done nothing wrong, telling Parliament they should simply take the matter to court.

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Aussie Cannabis Patients Left in the Cold, As Coalition Attempts to Rush Exports

“Patients in Australia needing access to medical cannabis have been slapped in the face yet again” by the “corporate-friendly” Morrison government, “who cares nothing about the suffering of our people”.

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