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Penalty for Demand with Menaces with the Intention of Obtaining a Gain or Causing a Loss | Section 249K(1)(a) Crimes Act NSW

The maximum penalty for the offence of “demand with menaces with the intention of obtaining a gain or causing a loss.”

According to the Judicial Commission of NSW, the actual penalties imposed for the offence are as follows:

  • Suspended Sentence: 26%
  • Prison: 26%
  • Section 9 Bond: 13%
  • CSO: 13%
  • Fine Only: 9%
  • Section 10(1)(a) Dismissal: 4%
  • Section 10(1) Bond (b)&(c): 4%
  • ICO: 4%

The average prison sentence for the offence is 16.5 months imprisonment, and the average non-parole period (or minimum prison term that must be served) is 14 months in prison.

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