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Penalty for Threaten to Destroy or Damage Other Person’s Property | Section 199(1)(a) Crimes Act NSW

The maximum penalty for the offence of “threaten to destroy or damage other person’s property.”

According to the Judicial Commission of NSW, the actual penalties imposed for the offence are as follows:

  • Section 9 Bond: 48%
  • Prison: 13%
  • Section 10(1) Bond (b)&(c): 9%
  • Fine Only: 9%
  • Suspended Sentence: 9%
  • CSO: 6%
  • Section 10A: 3%
  • Section 10(1)(a) Dismissal: 2%

The average prison sentence for the offence is 9.5 months imprisonment, and the average non-parole period (or minimum prison term that must be served) is 6.5 months in prison.

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