Section 507 & 508 Crimes Act | Possess Stolen Animal

The Legislation

Section 507 & 508 of the Crimes Act is the offence of Possess Stolen Animal and is extracted below.

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507 Possession of stolen animals etc

Whosoever in whose possession there has been found any such animal or bird as in section 505 mentioned, or the skin thereof, respectively, which to his or her knowledge has been stolen, or is the skin of a stolen animal or bird, shall, on conviction by the Local Court, be liable to imprisonment for six months, or to pay a fine of 5 penalty units, or both.

508 Possession of stolen animals etc–second offence

Whosoever, having been convicted, under this or any former Act, of any such offence as is mentioned in section 507, afterwards commits any offence in the said section mentioned, shall, on conviction by the Local Court, be liable to imprisonment for one year.