Section 46, 47, 48, 49 Crimes Act | Explosives and Traps

The Legislation

Section 46, 47, 48, 49 of the Crimes Act is the offence of Explosives and Traps and is extracted below.

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46 Causing bodily injury by gunpowder etc

Whosoever intentionally or recklessly by the explosion of gunpowder or other substance, or the use of any corrosive fluid, or destructive matter, burns maims disfigures disables, or does grievous bodily harm to, any person, shall be liable to imprisonment for 25 years.

47 Using etc explosive substance or corrosive fluid etc


causes any gunpowder or other explosive substance to explode, or
sends, or delivers to, or causes to be taken, or received by, any person, any explosive substance, or other dangerous or noxious thing, or
puts or lays at any place, or casts or throws at, or upon, or otherwise applies to, any person, any corrosive fluid or any destructive or explosive substance,
with intent in any such case to burn maim disfigure disable, or do grievous bodily harm to, any person,

shall, whether bodily injury is effected or not, be liable to imprisonment for 25 years.

48 Causing explosives to be placed in or near building, conveyance or public place

(1) A person who causes an explosive to be placed in or near:
(a) a building, or
(b) a vehicle, vessel, train or other conveyance, or
(c) a public place,
with the intention of causing bodily harm to any person, is guilty of an offence. Maximum penalty: Imprisonment for 14 years.

(2) A person commits an offence under this section whether or not:
(a) any explosion occurs, or
(b) any bodily harm is caused.

49 Setting trap etc

(1) Any person who:
(a) places or sets, or causes to be placed or set, any trap, device or thing (whether its nature be electronic, electric, mechanical, chemical or otherwise) capable of destroying human life or inflicting grievous bodily harm on any person, or
(b) knowingly permits any such trap, device or thing to continue to be placed or set,
with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm shall be liable to imprisonment for five years.

(2) Nothing in subsection (1) shall extend to any gin or trap, placed with the intention of destroying vermin, or to any trap, device or thing placed in a dwelling-house for the protection thereof.